Here you will find a bunch of various guides and other special topics that will help you make the most of your GP32. This information has been acquired with permission (unless otherwise stated) from places scattered all over the internet. Well, now they’re conveniently all in one place. :-)

Notice : This information is to be used at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage that might result from them.

Newbiepedia, the Newbie Encyclopedia
The Newbiepedia is a comprehensive and easy to use reference that explains all of the confusing terms you see regarding all of the “GP” consoles. The items are listed alphabetically. This is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with all the consoles.

Guide to Getting Started
This is a guide for any who just got a GP32 and has no idea what to do with it. It covers all the basics to using and enjoying your GP32, like understanding your firmware, preparing your SMCs, and transfering files.

Guide to Flashing Firmware
This guide made by Rico tells you everything you need to know about flashing your GP32’s firmware including risks and resources. Some portions were added to make it more recent.

Guide to Fixing Unresponsive L/R Triggers
Aaron Thomas wrote up a very nice L/R trigger fix for unresponsive triggers (a very common problem). Having used this guide myself, I can vouch for it. This is Aaron’s original guide (withgreat pictures), and I have added my own additional instructions in a smaller font.

Guide to Fixing an Unresponsive Ministick
Fishbong’s ministick fix (called the ‘Ultimate Ministick Fix’) is the best remedy for an unresponsive control stick–frolik liked it so much he even wrote a review of it (found here). It has very good directions and nice pictures. So if your ministick is acting up, check out this guide and good luck!

Guide to Encoding Xvid Videos
I e-mailed Jim diGriz about including this, but I have not received a response yet. So this is being included without permission. :-( I have included Jim’s entire guide (with modified images to fit the layout), and any comment from me is in a smaller font. If anyone speaks with Jim, could you let him know that this is here?

Guide to converting MAME ROMs to .34
This short and sweet guide from EvilDragon gives you the step-by-step on how to convert your MAME ROM sets to .34, which is required my Francix’s MAME emulator. I plan on adding images to this at some time in the future…

Guide to Encoding MP3/WMA/OGG music
You won’t find this guide anywhere else. That’s because this is a shinneri original. That’s right; in an extremely unusual case of non-laziness, I actually made one of these myself. 😛 Anyway, this will walk you through the (very simple) process of encoding music to maximize quality/quantity.