The GP32 was released a long, long time ago to an unsuspecting South Korea way back in 2001. The obscure little handheld had a few less than wonderful games available for it, and everybody wondered how something as out there as this GBA knock-off with a very pretty screen could even come to be. But this confusion soon subsided, and the GP32 has shown itself to be in no way a GBA knock-off but instead a revolutionary platform for portable emulation, homebrew, and multimedia.

Years later, and the GP32 now has a thriving, usually friendly community built around it. This little system that was doomed from the start as a commercial console now can claim a library of thousands of titles (through the use of the many emulators and homebrew games available), and, best of all, almost every piece of software on the console is easily available and completely free. Once again, this is no Game Boy.

Throughout its lifespan, the GP32 saw 3 different versions–the Nonlit, FLU, and BLU (explained in ‘Units’ under ‘Hardware’). Production of this console has stopped in preparation for the new wave of homebrew consoles, but, even upon their release, the GP32 will remain a truly amazing console that has greatly surpassed everyone’s original expectations of it. This section of Gameparknewbie has all the information needed for someone to understand and appreciate what the GP32 has to offer and what to look forward to with the new consoles. Enjoy! :-)