GPn in 2008 and a new console revealed!

I know I’ve been sort of MIA recently, and my excuse is pretty much the same as always — life gets in the way, guys.  But I’ve been lurking the forum and answering e-mails as I find time to do so.  I’m really encouraged that, despite my absence, you guys keep logging on to Gamepark newbie.  And your patience will not be wasted.

To be honest, my passion for the GP2X has dwindled somewhat.  That’s not to say it isn’t an outstanding platform because it most certainly is (Picodrive alone proves that), but I’m concerned that the current platform’s potential is probably mostly tapped.  Making matters worse, Gamepark Holdings has yet to reveal a followup to its GP2X outside of the little upgrade to the F-200.  Here’s hoping they make some announcement in the coming year!

But now for the new console I mentioned.  Introducing the Pandora…

You might be wondering what’s going on.  I just said I hoped GPH would announce something in the coming year.  Well, this is not a GPH platform.  This is an open source, community-based platform created by the community.  Headed up by Craig from, the Pandora is quite the powerhouse — dual analog, QWERTY keyboard, 800×480 display, Wi-Fi, and powered by an ARM Cortex-A8 and PowerVR SGX (that’s good ).

Personally, it’s not really much of a looker, but those specs are certainly intriguing.  The release date is Spring 2008 with an estimated price tag of 199 GBP, $320 and €286.

I’ll keep you posted.  And keep watching newbie for other updates.  The site has become outdated thanks to the demise of our beloved (or maybe just mine ) Gamepark, so hopefully we can see a new layout in the coming months.