GP2X F-200 Announced!

Sorry guys; I’ve been lacking an internet connection for about a week now, so I missed the major (perhaps?) announcement of the GP2X F-200.  It’s not the massive upgrade that everybody knows is on the way, but it’s something…  It’s basically a (somewhat awkward-looking but maybe comfortable) d-pad, white case and a touch screen.

Other than that so far it appears to be the same GP2X that we’ve been playing since the beginning.  I really don’t have any much else to share right now, but, once I finally get connected to the net again (in the middle of this coming week), I’ll try to  compile as much about this new device as I can and get it to you in an update to Gamepark newbie.

Also, there is a more powerful, as of yet, unnamed console coming… I’ll let you know what I can about that, too.  Let’s hope the new one has a longer lifespan than the GP2X…