Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari

I’ve actually never heard of this before until now. It’s a great sidescrolling RPG created by Studio Pixel. Thanks alot to Simon Parzer for porting!

This is version 1.0

“Known Issues:
– Normal version needs overclocking (should run ok at 233+)

– HW accelerated version has occasional graphical glitches (caused by the MMSP2 HW blitter). Example: “white lines” in Grasstown

Changes from BETA1:
– Better performance (the non-accelerated version runs nearly fullspeed at 200 MHz)
– More accurate music playback
– Buttons are customizable (gp2x_buttons.txt)
– Fixed text alignment
– Fixed a crash in the “undead core” level
– Fixed a crash just before the credits
– Fixed credits (script wasn’t loading)
– Tested the entire game, including secrets, on the GP2X

See included gp2x_buttons.txt
Start+Select gets you into the pause menu:
– Start+Select = Exit
– B = Continue
– R = Reset

Final word:
All in all it should be fully playable.
I strongly recommend playing the original (PC/Windows) game first. It’s not quite possible to bring this degree of highly polished gameplay to the GP2X in its full glory.
Thanks to Pixel for his permission and to Pete for his great support. Also big thanks to paeryn for his HW accelerated SDL lib.

— Homepage of Pixel, unmodified (Japanese) version of the game
— Homepage of Aeon Genesis, original English translation
— Cave Story fansite, Deluxe version (highly recommended),
walkthroughs, hacking guides, etc.
— Cave Story community”