Battlejewels Build 050

A new update to the excellent Battlejewels by skeezix. Great job and congratulations on winning the GBAX competition.

“Theres not a huge number of evident changes since the GBAX build, but some goodies you’ll hopefully like; theres a pile of behind the scenes changes and some bugfixes (the Skelly nolonger cheats, eep!), and planning ahead for the levelling and experience system, new gear, more classes etc.

Some of the more obvious changes..
o Load and Save slots — you can have 4 saves now, so you can try more classes out for instance
o New Friar class — mostly pure defence with a heal-over-time, damage reflection shield and cure-poison spells
o Some interesting new mechanics; damage over time, poison over time, heal over time, and some other buffs/debuffs, including some simple (not-finalized) icons
o The Knave can fire a poison dart; not sure if he is now overpowered, or if all the classes balance when played their respective way; when I add more opponents, and start gearing them up as you gear up it shouldprove interesting…

I’ve got some more music tracks to drop in, and lots of things on the go, but haven’t had time to wrap it all up for ya.. but thought you might like to fiddle with the changes so far

Hope you dig it!